Army Garden Gnome Statue

Style: Garden Gnome lying down
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Turn your garden into an epic battleground
This statue has an amazing design. It adds a playful and cheerful spirit to your garden.

Collect them all
You could pick one standing, kneeling, or in the prone position. Or better still, get all three and create your own little garden army!


The Military Lawn Gnomes are handmade of heavy-duty poly-resin. These gnomes can withstand any weather at all because they are painted with outdoor-resistant paint. So, come rain, sun, or snow, your gnomes will be in good shape.


  • Absolutely gorgeous and unique.
  • No matter what occasion they are placed on, they will surely attract people's attention.

Our Package:

  • 1x Standing,  1x Kneeling,  1x Creeping

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