Barbecue Grill Rack,Multi Grill Rack for BBQ Rib Rack,Stainless Steel Multi-Function Grill Rack

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  • ❤Grill multi rack – with the Multi-Function Grill rack, grilling is simply crispy. The practical BBQ holder is suitable for numerous grilled food and ensures really crispy crusts. Whether spareribs, abdominal meat or bacon or steaks, the meat can be easily placed at the ideal angle in the holder, so that the fat can drip off.
  • ❤Right crust – the multi grill rack ensures the right crust for almost any grilled food. Chicken drumsticks and skewers can also be easily placed in the stainless steel holder and are cooked indirectly - without burning and unsightly black spots.
  • ❤Gentle cooking – the meat remains tender and J'uicy. The grill rack is made of stainless steel and is therefore easy to clean. An absolute must-have for every griller. Even without a lot of grill surface, you can cook various grilled food gently with the Multi-Function Grill rack.
  • ❤Dishwasher-safe – also for grill and vegetable skewers, fish etc. Simply hang up and cook indirectly. There are no limits to your barbecue creativity. After grilling, the holder made of stainless steel can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. For maximum grilling enjoyment and really crispy crusts.
  • ❤Flexible for all barbecues: it does not matter which grill you prefer to organise a real barbecue: this barbecue must have can be used on classic charcoal grills, gas grills, kettle barbecues and much more. Just try it yourself and experience tender meat and crispy crusts with the BBQ holder.

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