Fidget Toys, Magic Bean Cube

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Can you finish it?🤔🤔Come on, Let's do it!!!  

Help children exercise hand-eye coordination and grasping ability, at the same time train brain space and logical thinking ability.

Promote parent-child relationship, suitable for children's play to expand social circle.

  • Put the correct color in the correct position by flipping
  • More interesting, with different color beads on both sides

🧒Exercise children's observation ability, hands-on ability and color discrimination ability

🧓Exercise the hand joints of the elderly to prevent Alzheimer's disease


  • Food-grade safe material, non-toxic and odorless
  • Smooth edges without burrs
  • The best gift for family and friends

🌟How to play

  • Move and flip the wood block in the middle to make both sides into balls of the same color.🤔🤔


  • Interesting puzzle
  • Relieve stress
  • Give full play to spatial imagination
  • Logical thinking, promote brain development


Thinking development, release stress, relieve fatigue

  • Creative design, carefully designed 4 O-shaped concave holes, each track has a number of small beads, which can move and rotate by pushing the middle module.
  • 4 O-shaped grooves, rotating on both sides, disrupt the beads of different colors, and then restore the same color beads on an O-shaped groove.


  • Material: Food grade ABS
  • Size: 10 * 11cm
  • Weight: 124g
  • Color: cyan, red, Indigo

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