Hair Removal Grooming Massage Brush - For Sensitive Cats and Dogs

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Ideal for Short Hair breeds and Senior Dogs

My dog ​​is very timid and afraid of all kinds of brushes. After using this brush from a neighbor's house by chance, he found that he likes and enjoys it very much.This brush is suitable for sensitive dogs and cats. I recommend it to everyone! —— US.Corolla

Learn about our products in five seconds:

  • ✅Remove naturally shed hair
  • ✅Remove dead skin and hair
  • ✅Massage tools
  • ✅Easy to carry and clean
  • Suitable for timid and sensitive dogs and cats


  • Remove Shedding Hair - Blade-Free!
    A professional beauty hair removal brush, without a blade, can quickly brush off the loose hair that falls off naturally.
  • Massage Muscles
    This multifunctional beauty massage brush can massage and stretch muscles, promote blood circulation, and promote the health of dogs.

Strip Hair Gentle Groomer - For Sensitive Pets

  • Cleansing The Face
    The rounded corners and small matte surface of the massage brush can be used to clean all parts of the face. It is very safe, so please rest assured.
Strip Hair Gentle Groomer - For Sensitive Pets

Product specifications: 22.2*5.2*2.5cm


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