Ceramic Handmade Vase Flower Stone Table Decor-Mother's Day

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These are miniature ceramic vases - smaller than a bud vase, intended to hold the tiny roadside flowers picked by children. Sometimes they don't always manage to pluck them with the stem intact, so they don't fit into a traditional bud vase. If you have ever been the recipient of a dandelion bouquet with tiny stems or some daisies, this wee flower vase is for you! Children always want their toil in flower picking noticed, and these wee pots are the perfect way to display those tiny treasures. Even a simple dandelion will look great and be something special.
Its size makes it the perfect gift for someone. Saves the cost of an expensive bouquet, flowers you pick yourself from the meadow become a high-quality present with the little vase. For the coffee table in the garden or as a spring greeting in the apartment. There is no age limit for the delight of picking roadside flowers. How nice on Mother's Day, to get breakfast in bed tray with one of these vases on top filled with hand-picked flowers? They just make things a little more special. These can also be used to store your toothpicks, tweezers and Q-tips in them. These are handmade and slight variations in color and form will make the piece you receive unique.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: ceramic, glaze, clay
  • Size: 2.4 inches
  • Bottom: non-sealed for easy cleaning

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