Crazy Bunny Plush Toy Doll

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🐇Oh my goodness! 🤣The Crazy Bunny is absolutely adorable!!!!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it!🎁

Every single one is unique, as each of them is hand-sculpted, hand-colored and hand-sewn with love and great attention to details. Just imagine this marvelous item feels so good in your hands and perfectly fits on your shelf.

Approx 20 cm ( ~8") in sitting position.
- Completely handmade.
- Solid parts are made of polymer clay.
- Glass eyes.

- High quality faux fur.
- Skeleton is made of titanium wire. Fully poseable, extremely durable.
- Cruelty Free, no animal origin materials are used.

This is a collector's item and made for adults only. Will not be suitable for children. Can not be washed.

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