Electric Electronic Turbo Keychain with Sounds & LED!

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NEW! This is the ultimate keychain for all car enthusiasts! The Boost Keychains battery-powered V4 Turbo Keychain spins, emits a spool-up sound while holding the ON button, and will emit 2 different blow-off valve (BOV) sounds when you release the button (OFF)! Also includes a handy built-in LED light.Features:

  • The turbine spins with a push of a button
  • When the ON button is held, will emit a turbo spool up sound
  • When the button is released (OFF), will emit 1 of 2 blow off valve sounds
  • Powerful nighttime LED light
  • No air blowing required
  • Made from high-quality zinc alloy
  • Batteries included

 Spins are just like the real thing!Perfect gift for Auto Lovers! It is also a very cool Car Ornament!For family

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