Handheld Carbon Monoxide Meter

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The carbon monoxide gas detector is a portable detector for detecting carbon monoxide(CO) gas.
It can continuously monitor the CO gas concentration in the surrounding environment, once the gas concentration reaches the level of the warning, the warning will sound and light. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, paper, municipal, telecommunications, food, textile and other industries.
★Powerful function: Can continuously monitor the CO gas concentration in the surrounding environment.Can set concentration of warning value.Sound and light warning works when CO gas concentration reaches the level of the warning.
★Large LCD color display: Large LCD digital and character display for easy reading,convenient to use at night.
★With a wide measuring range: the ambient temperature can be measured in 2 temperature units (°C and °F).​
Sensor Type: Stabilized Electrochemical Gas Specific (CO)
Detection Gas: Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Temperature Measurement: Ambient Temperature
Display Unit: CO: ppm, Temperature: ℃/℉
Measurement Range: CO: 0~1000PPM, Temperature: 0~50℃ / 32~122℉
Resolution: CO: 1PPM, Temperature: 0.1℃ / 0.1℉
Accuracy: CO: ±5% or ±10PPM, Temperature: ±1.5℃
Response Time: <60s
Warning: : Sound & Light Warning
Alarm Point: 24PPM Preset (Adjustable)
Battery Type: 3 * AAA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (NOT Included)
Operating Temperature: 0~40℃, Relative Humidity 1%~99%
Storage Temperature: -30~60℃, Relative Humidity: 1%~99%
Package Contents: 1 *  Packing box 1 * Carbon Monoxide Meter 1 * User Manual

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