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 🎁The Best Gift for Father's Day or Youself🎁

This is a unique and rare price of art clock made with a double roller chain Timing Set of carengines.

Cool appearance, extremely safe design.This clock was made with safety measures added to ensure that your children or pets will not have any safety hazards when touching this clock.

We have added a unique design to the link between the gear and the chain to ensure that the gear will immediately stop running when it hits any object. This design is also the cause of the increase in clock cost.没有照片描述。

Timing Chain Clock made with double roller chain Timing Set of Chevy Small Block engines.


Comes with brand new piston base. The connecting rod in the back is 3d printed from a very strong PETG filament.没有照片描述。

This is a great gift for any car guy (or gal) or any gear head.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: gear, gears, clock, automotive parts, auto, timing, timing clock, 3d print
  • This timing chain clock sits on any flat surface with the supplied base. This clock cannot hang on a wall.
  • Clock is Quartz movement and runs off of a AA battery.
  • Motorized rotating gears run off a plug that plugs into any 120volt home outlet with supplied wall adapter. It can also be plugged into any USB port on laptop etc.
  • 6" wide x 12" tall clock
  • This design is patent pending

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