M8000 Professional Multi-Bug Detector Pro

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All tracking, listening, and surveillance devices give off a unique frequency to relay whatever information is being absorbed back to another main device or central computer. This means that depending on the device, there will be a different frequency being emitted to relay this information.

★ Have your ever thought that your privacy has been leaked?
From Spy Pens that record live video, to GPS trackers that attach to the bottom of your car, there is no shortage of bugs that can be used to track you. Most of them are designed to be discreet. Some are so compact that they can be hidden in nooks and crannies that you’d never think to check. Others are designed to look like harmless odds and ends you’d already have laying around your home. The variety between bugs is so vast that you’d never be able to visually identify them with complete certainty. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be found.

★ Why Do I Need This Detector?
GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, and DECT Bugs are commonplace these days. The ability to place these minuscule devices into everyday objects is an immense threat to everyday security and the privacy of an individual. These enable people to listen in on every single sound you make whether you're talking business or personally. These threats are not the work of science fiction they are threats that far more people are susceptible than one would think.

    ★ What It Detects?
    Professional Multi-Bug Detector for counter surveillance work of anti sneak shot,anti tracking,anti eavesdropping. It supports 4 Function including RF Signal Bug Detector, Magnetic Field Detector GPS Detector, Camera Lens Finder Camera Detector, and AI Auto Scan.

    It detects GPS Trackers, Spy Cameras, Wireless Audio Bugs, RF Signal Bugs, Body Wires, Wiretaps, Mobile Phone Tapping, Magnetic GPS Tracking Devices,  and other Spy bugs


    • GPS, GSM
    • WIFI, Bluetooth
    • Radio Frequency (RF)

    ★ Best Places to Use the RF Bug Detector :

    • AirBnBs, vacation rentals, and hotel rooms
    • Car, Office spaces and conference rooms
    • Private meeting rooms
    • Bathrooms, locker rooms, and other spaces where privacy is an expectation
    ★ Product video
    •  Portable & Lightweight & Simple to Operate
    • 4 Detection Modes & LED Colorful Screen
    • Long Standby Battery & Sevice Warranty


    Frenquency Range 1MHz-12GHz
    Detection Dynamic Range >73Db
    Detection Sensitivity ≤0.03mw(Main Frequency )
    2.4GHz Wireless Camera 25 square(standard 10mW camera) detection range
    1.2GHz Wireless Camera 36 square(standard 10mW camera) detection range
    Cellphone Signal 2G,3G,4G 5--25 square
    Magnetic Detection Sensitivity 50mm--150mm
    Indicating Method 10 Level LED Luminous indicator /Variation sound indication
    Power Bulit-in 3.7V1500mAHlithium polymer battery
    Working Current 25-35mA Last Time:20-45H
    Material Aluminium Alloy
    Volume 125x52.5x21.5mm
    Net weight 175g

     What's Package Include:

    • Bug Detector * 1
    • RF Antenna * 1
    • Magnetic Detecting Probe * 1
    • Camera Lens Finder * 1
    • USB Charger * 1
    • USB Charging cable * 1
    • User Manual * 1
    Protect your privacy everywhere, in any personal or business situation, with the portability of the Personal Multi-Bug Detector
    M8000 Professional Multi-Bug Detector Pro
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