New Retro Horn Skull Mug-Mother's Day Special

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink from the skull of your enemy?

This beautiful hand-made water cup will definitely become a topic in any room, office, dormitory, and game room.

💀【Safe And Durable】Skull Mug made of high-quality resin and coated with a food-safe glaze to maintain its durability and safety. The skull cup is not only a large enough container but also an exquisite work of art.
Can be heated and cleaned with household appliances such as dishwashers and microwaves

💀【Skull Coffee Mug】Imagine waking up in the morning, sitting on your front porch, smelling the aroma of coffee in these creepy skull cups, both amazing and realistic. This Necromancer Skull Mug is extremely meticulously crafted.

💀【Practical】This creepy coffee cup/cup will definitely become a topic in any room, office, dormitory, or game room. Imagine this uniquely shaped water cup, when you drink with beer partners and friends, it will definitely stand out!!!

💀【halloween decorations】This Skull Mug is perfect as a gothic home decor or as a Halloween gift! This Skull Mug is extremely detailed, extremely realistic, is all handmade.

💀【Novelty and Horror Gift】The 3D resin skull mug with handle are very suitable as a Gothic home decoration or Halloween gift! Give them to your friends, office colleagues, or bosses and you can even display them as room decorations or skull collections.

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