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Keep your valuables looking spotless with the Ultrasonic Cleaner. A simple 3 minute cleaning cycle will make a world of difference!

One-button start, ultrasonic vibration cleaning, all-round cleaning. Make-up brushes, make-up eggs, glasses, watch straps, necklaces, razors, tableware, braces, daily necessities in life. These are easy to carry hidden dirt. If you want to clean the troublesome things, hand it over to the ‘ultrasonic cleaner’.

This device’s high-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid, forming a 50500um bubble that expands and breaks under the action of sound pressure, with an instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmospheres.

Clean the object’s surface continuously to emulsify dust, bacteria, and oil, and peel it to a micron-level gap. It is widely applicable for on-site cleaning, watches, jewelry, glasses, razors, baby pacifiers, various items that we carry around with us, stains hidden on the surface and in the gaps, and daily random cleaning. Your personal belongings will look brand new after using an ultrasonic cleaner.

When it comes to cleaning fluid for your ultrasonic cleaner, use the correct type of water. Use deionized water, a natural solvent, to improve the cleaning performance of an ultrasonic cleaner. It is recommended because it contains no mineral salts or other impurities.


    This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner produces a powerful and soft cleaning sound, does not damage valuables, and effectively performs deep cleaning.
    It is more convenient and efficient than hand-washer, steam cleaner, high-pressure water spray cleaner, or other machines. Advanced stainless steel brushed cleaning tank to avoid corrosive water stains and keep the tank brand new.
    In order to clean small objects, such as jewelry, glasses, watches, rings, coins, dentures, etc., you can completely submerge them with tap water. Please add detergent to enhance cleanliness.
    The cover is waterproof, and the bottom is equipped with a suction cup anti-skid strip to fix it.

Product Information

Material: ABS stainless steel SUS304.
Synchronization time: 3 minutes.
Rated power: 15W.
Rated voltage: 12V.

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