Tunnel Interactive Cat Bed

Style: Dunkelgrau
Size: klein (50x20cm)
Sale price$47.84
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Choice of two colors
- Dark grey
- Light grey

Choice of two sizes
- small: 50 x 20 cm
- large: 60 x 28 cm
(diameter x height)

Why we love this article
1) The circular tunnel offers our cat a lot of fun when he just has his five minutes. He turns round after round in the donut until the spinning worm grabs him.
2) Our boys also like to use the inside to romp together. They chase each other through the tunnel, or hide in the cave and lurk from above.
3) Both options, both the tunnel-like cave and the donut-shaped top, are often used as lying surfaces. Here, especially our cat ladies differ in sublime enthroned on the donut and defending in the donut.
4) If someone decides to sharpen the claws on the good piece, it puts the surface away surprisingly well and we are grateful that our couch is spared.

What else could be interesting
- the donut is delivered in two individual parts and the package is therefore compact
- the assembly is easy
- the smell is neutral
- the product is stable and robust
- the processing is qualitatively very good and absolutely harmless for animals
- the material is made of synthetic plastic and therefore also suitable for convinced vegans

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